If you appreciate a world rich in artistry, culture, design, engineering, performance, and personality, then I want to capture it for you…or with you. Authentic, impactful imagery conveys my admiration and respect for the access I’m given into people’s lives, their work and homes.

With over twenty-five years of study in the visual arts, I’m having a blast capturing the products, services, stories,
and talents for companies and personalities wherever they may be.

Architects, Interior Designers, and Urban Planners
Comprehensive and detailed photography capturing interior/exterior designed space and detail. Capturing angles, sight lines, guest and consumer interaction of the space. Special emphasis on build quality, detail, materials, and layout in commercial and luxury businesses and homes. Documentation of construction projects and capture for risk management.

Venues, Live Events and Event Designers
Stunning, award winning photography of space and stage for designers, event planners, DMC’s and corporate events. Imagery that captures the transformed space, atmosphere and energy of the live event. Featuring guest interaction with space, decor, food, and entertainment. Capturing logistics, locations and challenges.

Artisans, Fabricators, Engineers, and Display Builders
From display exhibits to large installations, set and stage. Capturing detailed infrastructure, systems, rigging, material, installations, and completed build as it compliments contracted space or expo hall.

Personalities Everywhere
Vibrant, authentic, painless, and fun portraiture of personalities and entertainers.
From the quiet portrait session to epic entertainment photography that puts you backstage, on-stage,
front-row center and on the playing field of artists, celebrities, dancers and musicians.

Conceptual photo shoots, head shots, portrait sessions and impromptu photo shoots.

Image catalog/stock
Targeted capture for businesses who wish to build exclusive stock image catalogs of their work and services. Imagery for renderings, proposals, year end reports, presentations, and inspiration. Key wording, filing structure, color space and grading along with creating sizes and formats for numerous media usage.

Business and personal consulting in art of capture and/or technical use of cameras.

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