Architects, Designers and Craftsman

Ever step into a home or building and get a warm, welcoming feeling.
It could be the light streaming in through windows, the color or texture of materials in the room,
the angles of the structured walls and layout, or simply, the incredible aura.

We stop and think, this is beautiful, I could easily live/work here.
Unable to pinpoint exactly what it is…except that we feel it.

That feeling is skillfully created by architects, designers and craftsman.

Growing up in a family business of home building,
I would often daydream about owning the homes we constructed.
Homes and buildings have personalities that grab us, hold our attention, make us want to return.
There’s no place like home.

I provide capture that applauds and salutes the architecture, design and craft of homes and buildings.
Commercial and residential. Projects from land clearing to structures rising to completion.
My appreciation is being witness to cities and towns rising to accommodate,
with style, grace and utility, the future of mankind.

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