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Photography for real life

Kelly McKeon is impassioned by the human spirit. Inspired by people and their work, he thrives at capturing and celebrating true craftsmanship. For him, real life is more compelling than fantasy, and his images portray that authenticity.

Born into a large, blue-collar family in suburban New York, Kelly was raised with an appreciation for hard work, and the people who spend their days building and creating. Before he turned 12, his family moved to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to begin a new business — constructing custom homes for busy New Yorkers seeking a weekend retreat. It was his love for imagery that moved him from architectural drafting to design, illustration and photography.

Today, Kelly has more than 25 years of combined experience in offset printing, design, illustration, and photography.
With such an expansive background in multiple areas of the visual arts, he brings a unique big-picture perspective to every assignment.

Although Kelly resides in Las Vegas, he considers the whole of the West Coast his playground.
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I like simplicity.

I’m obsessed with using the entire frame of the camera. Edge to edge.

I photograph instinctually. I get out of my own way and allow happenstance to be the magic ingredient in photography.

I like to keep up with the action. If people are running, then I’m running, if people are dancing, let’s just say I make the effort!

I photograph as a way to speak and I like to speak about those I admire.