Entertainment, Live Events, Venues

Up close and personal. Perspectives from every angle. Epic capture puts you backstage, on-stage,
front-row center and on the playing field of musicians, dancers and entertainers.

With enormous admiration and passion for the arts, I confidently weave a story with the stamina, patience
and insight to uncover the raw energy, skill, and talent of the entire performance.

Creating a memorable visual documentary of a live performance is paramount in adding to the archives of our future.

And what’s a live performance without an amazing venue to perform in.
Capturing outstanding photographs of concert halls, ballrooms and outdoor stages everywhere.

Often, it’s just about the transformation of the venue itself, and that is where I really shine.
With over a decade of providing comprehensive photography for award winning artisans, event companies,
set designers, and resorts, it’s an absolute blast and privilege showcasing others.

Available for travel/tour photography

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